More than a million evacuate ahead of hurricane florence warning. — NBC News (@NBCNews) August 19, 2017

#BREAKING Major flooding in #Houston, TX, where residents have been ordered to evacuate for days due to heavy rains. — USA Today (@USATODAY) August 19, 2017

#BREAKING #BREAKING Major flooding in #Irma, Florida, where thousands of families, some without water — USA Today (@USATODAY) August 19, 2017

#BREAKING Heavy rain throughout the country causing major flooding and significant damage in some places. — USA Today (@USATODAY) August 19, 2017

#BREAKING Major flooding reported in Chicago, IL, where roads in the city remain blocked due to flooding — Associated Press (@AP) August 19, 2017

#BREAKING Big storm with wind gusts up to 175 mph hitting East Coast today. The National Weather Service says damage to homes and businesses is limited. #CWS #CALwx — Weather Underground (@wunderground) August 19, 2017

At least five people have drowned and at least seven more have been hospitalized after torrential rains slammed Houston, Texas, this morning, flooding entire neighborhoods with water.

Heavy rains knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people and caused several deaths last night, prompting President Donald Trump to issue a nationwide flood watch for flood-prone states. In addition, some of Houston’s most heavily water-damaged streets were closjarvees.comed off flooded, which left many residents searching for a second home.

The flooding is expected to continue.

“There’s flooding in many places around the Houston area, but I’m really concerned about the situation in Houston’s south side and northeast and south side,” Houston emergency chief Charles Bennett said. “They wi바카라ll likely be looking across the water to the coast where we continue to have flooding.”

Flooding also is forecast to affect portions of the East Coast, including the East Coast, Long Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency and promised resources to respond.

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